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Store Policies

 Privacy Policy

  1. Information collected from the customer (you) will be used for purposes pertaining to the ordering of products from our site. Such information will not be made available to any persons not associated with The College Association Inc. unless it is mandated by law.
  2. Information collected during the ordering process will be information such as your name, shipping address, billing address, phone number, email address, payment method (i.e. credit card number, student id number, credit card expiration date, credit card type and the credit card security code)  and the username and password for our site. This information will only be made available to those persons within The College Association Inc. that need this information for payment purposes. Such persons will include but not be limited to accountants, managers, system access operators and store clerks.
  3. Other information collected by our site, such as information regarding your IP address, your internet service providers IP and browser platforms will not be known to any persons other than those who access this site for service and maintenance purposes.
  4. In the event of any newsletters that you have signed up for, the website coordinator will be in charge of emailing them to the email address that you have listed on file, which in turn is only accessible to any coordinators involved with the maintenance of this site. We may also collect information from a voluntary online survey submitted by the coordinator of the site. Such information will only be shared with those persons within The College Association Inc. on a need-to know basis.
  5. In the event that any support is needed for the use of our site, any information collected will be made available only to those individuals within The College Association Inc. that will be involved with any technical support cases. These individuals will include but not be limited to the website coordinator, store clerks, store manager and accountants. In addition we may contact our systems access operator in order to obtain additional input into any problem that may be out of our realm of experience.We will make any and all efforts to keep any personal information on a need-to know basis. It is the responsibility of The College Association Online Bookstore to ensure that your information is kept private and only used within the following guideline:
  • We shall identify any purposes for the collection of personal information at the time the information is requested.
  • We will only collect, use and disclose personal information with your knowledge and consent, unless it is mandated by law for us to do otherwise. You may withdraw your consent at anytime with reasonable notice.
  • We shall limit the collection of personal information to what information is necessary as stated by our Privacy Policy. Any extra information requested  will be with your consent and knowledge for the purposes in which it is being collected.
  • We will not disclose any personal information you have given us, unless it is for the purposes in which the information was requested, you were made aware and gave consent, or unless required by law.
  • All information will be retained long enough to fulfill the purposes for which it was obtained, unless consent was received by the customer to do otherwise.
  • All information dispensed over the phone, unless otherwise requested, will be disposed of as soon as the purposes for which it was collected, are fulfilled.
  • Due to everchanging technologies and laws, we may update our privacy policy in order to comply with these changes. Please keep track of these changes by visiting our terms and conditions pages.

 Ordering Policy:

  1. All orders placed on this site are under an implied contract. Once payment is processed, any cancellation of an order made on this site may be irreversible. If a cancellation is needed an email must be sent to the coordinator of this site in order to stop the order from being shipped. If already shipped then the item may be returned per the sites return policy.
  2. All orders will be processed within one business day of the receipt of the order, unless a delay is necessary per any issues with the order. Issues that might occur include, but are not limited to the following: Issues with supply, payment or shipping address of the consumer. All issues placed on a Friday will not be processed until the following Monday and may not be shipped out until the following business day as per our shipping policy which will be explained below.
  3. All items sold on this site are the property of the College Association Campus Store. All pictures shown are actual pictures of store stocked items. We will do our best to show each item in its entirety, by making pictures available in each color for each item.
  4.  A tax of 4% will be added to all clothing items. All other items will be taxed at 8%.
  5. This site contains links to other online stores such as e-follet, Dell, and University Frames. The College Association Campus Store is not responsible for items ordered, shipped, or returned from these sites. Their own terms and conditions will apply to those purchases. Your customer account with this site will not be synchronized to any other site.

Shipping Policy: 

  1. All items ordered from, are shipped out via FedEx, unless otherwise noted. It is not necessary, if you live in New York state, to pick overnight or 2nd day shipping, as FedEx Ground, usually takes 1 business day to get anywhere in New York. If you have concerns about this, please contact the Campus Store whenthe order is placed, and we will give you the date that FedEx quotes for delivery.

 Return Policy:                  Textbooks

  1. Textbooks may be returned for a full refund the first 3 weeks of Fall or Spring semester. You must have your cash register receipt and books must in the same condition as purchased. Special conditions apply for summer sessions.
  2. After the first 3 weeks of the semester, you may return a textbook if you have dropped the class and you can provide proof, as well as the original cash register receipt and book must be in the same condition as purchased.
  3. After the 4th week of classes no returns will be accepted.

                   General Merchandise

  1. Clothing and Giftware may be returned for full price within 30 days of purchase, if in original condition, and with a valid receipt. Electronics are returnable for up to 15 days after day of purchase, with original receipt, in new condition.
  2. Any defective items need to be brought up to the store immediately, that way the Campus Store staff can figure out the best course of action to get a favorable resolution for all parties involved. As some warranties are through the manufactures, sometimes the best course of action is for the Campus Store staff to get you information needed for you to contact the manufacturer for a resolution.
  3. All online order return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, unless the item was received defective or damaged. If the item was received damaged, please contact the Campus Store at 315-386-7112 or 7319 for a return shipping label and resolution.
  4. Any item shipped out to you, but not delivered and/or stolen, needs to be reported to FedEx and the Campus Store in order to obtain a proper resolution.